Visualize assessment test data for employers, employees, and job candidates. Align with branding guidelines and contribute layouts and components to the design system.
Aon Assessment Solutions for global enterprise clients across all industries
UI design and data visualization
Product owners, IT project managers, front-end developers
*To protect intellectual property, any data presented is not based on actual candidate or client information.
Talent Assessment Data
Target Audience
Potential and current employees seeking career advancement are sometimes asked to complete talent assessment tests as part of the job application process. Aon Assessment Solutions produces those assessment tests and provides test results to the employers (clients) and the test participants (job candidates and employees). At Aon, my role is to improve experiences for employers and test participants by iterating on assessment test products and delivery of test results. 
Project Focus
This project focuses on two aspects of test result delivery: 1) Employer and employee-facing reports that present the results for an individual test participant, and 2) A dashboard where employers can monitor testing status and aggregate data from specific populations of test participants. The UI in these example reports is branded for Aon, but actual product offerings can be themed to match the branding of any client.
Prototype Specifications
Delivery includes prototypes for mobile, tablet, and desktop as well as the respective specifications for behavior and appearance of elements depending on the breakpoint or device type.
Desktop example of employee-facing report
Tablet example of employer-facing report
Mobile example of employer dashboard
Employer-facing Reports
Product Solution
As part of the job application process, hiring managers factor in the test results of potential job candidates. This example report measures a candidate's ability to solve coding problems which don’t require them to know a specific coding language. 
My Role
I met with the product owner to understand how they needed to present the data to clients, then used the company design system to begin constructing the layout and foundational elements. Because data visualization for this test goes beyond the design system guidelines, I also developed elements that contribute to the design system.
Participant-facing Reports
Product Solution
As part of the job application process, potential and current employees are asked to complete assessment tests. This example report helps participants understand how they may approach further development. A description of each skill and competency area is included in the report. 
My Role
I connected with the product owner to understand the user needs that are met by the existing reports. We discussed the business and user goals they wanted to achieve by rewriting content and reimagining visualization of test results. Working with developers and IT project managers, I designed elements that follow and contribute to the design system and meet technical requirements for how participant reports are generated.
Client-facing Dashboards
Product Solution
Aon clients have certain employees with admin privileges, such as hiring managers, workforce leaders, and talent executives. These employees have access to dashboards that aggregate data from individual test participants. Data visualizations show the testing status for groups of participants and help discover patterns in test results across general and specific populations.
My Role
I worked with the product owners and market leaders on a continued basis to understand the client need. In parallel, I collaborated with developers and IT project managers to construct layouts, navigation, and widgets that meet technical requirements and align with the design system. 
Iterative Design
Usability testing, design QA, and ever-changing market trends uncover opportunities for improvement of Aon's talent assessment products. I continue to work with product owners, business stakeholders, and development teams to identify and design potential features that contribute to the success of assessment solutions.

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