Research growth opportunities in the area of skill-based compensation
Aon Human Capital Solutions
UX research, UX strategy
Product managers, Business stakeholders, Subject matter experts
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Stakeholder Interviews
I and my colleagues conducted stakeholder interviews with skill-based compensation subject matter experts, product managers, technical product owners, and solution line CEOs. Interview insights were captured on individual sticky notes. Each one contains a fact, opinion, observation, or other insight.
Interview Insights
With the help of a design teammate, I mapped insights into categories defined by common themes. I summarized the key themes for business stakeholders to consider as opportunities for further exploration.
Competitor Research
After we met with solution line leaders to determine direct and indirect competitors, a collaborating designer compared features, noting where some were externally unavailable.
Personas and Problem Statement
Working with design team leadership, I crafted a compound problem statement to use as the basis for exploring the needs of multiple personas I had begun to list a potential players in this area of opportunity.
Stakeholder Workshop
We held a workshop where I led stakeholders to empathize with personas, help refine problem statements, explore user goals, and prioritize potential features.
Product Development Recommendations
We presented a summary of foundational research and recommended three options for product solutions. This presentation brings together the outcomes of interviews, affinity mapping, feature comparison, persona development, problem statements, and stakeholder workshop collaboration.
Next Steps
Business leaders and project managers utilized the information we presented in crafting their value propositions and procurement of technical resources. Having fulfilled the assignment of identifying areas for growth, design and implementation work continues in the area of skill-based compensation.

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